About Us

Over the course of 40 years, we have developed a team of experienced wealth management specialists who are dedicated to achieving success for our clients and their families. Backed by CI Financial, we have the experience, resources and insights needed to help our clients make decisions with confidence.

Our Team

We simplify complex decisions

Our team has built credibility with our clients based on our integrity, expertise and results. In conjunction with eight managing partners and 40 accountants and lawyers across our network, we pride ourselves on our ability to apply our immersive study of the Family Enterprise and client portfolio management to present simple and effective recommendations in highly complex situations.

Robert Pierce
Managing Director | R.F.P.

Michael Mallinos
Managing Director | CFP, FMA, CIM

Michael MacMillan
Director | MBA

Graham Schakelaar
Director – Wealth Planning | CFP, CIM

Martha Pierce
Director – Investment Management | CIM

Mohammed Hejazi

Lisa Armstrong
Executive Assistant

What sets Stonegate apart is that we enjoy the frank, open discussions about our life plans and goals. When special situations arise concerning investment decisions, Rob and Mike have always been there to help us find the best solution. It is a great advantage to have a partner that ensures our continued financial success.

–Frank G.

I’ve been a client with Stonegate for 15 years. The results are continually delivered on forecast and the rationale behind the planning has been extremely helpful. They regularly set up meetings to keep us abreast of the market, involve us in interesting events and I’m confident they look out for our best interests.

-George B.

Our Structure

A boutique firm backed by experience, tools and insight.

Our structure provides us with financial strength and economies of scale. We have the benefit of being a boutique firm within a larger corporation, so whatever resource you need, we have.

The Family TRĒ

We believe in a holistic approach to family wealth management.

Learn more about The Family TRĒ

We believe wealth management starts with a deep understanding of your vision for the future.

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